Worldwide Warranty Policy

Worldwide Industrial Solutions will give a refund, or in-house repair credit, if an initial return for reevaluation is performed and that piece of equipment has been deemed not repairable by one of our technicians. This will help possibly eliminate other problems in the machine by checking stress areas or physical damage on the equipment at component level. If a customer refuses to send an item back in for reevaluation, the warranty is voided. The unit cannot be tampered with, opened, dropped, or abused in any way or the warranty is voided. This includes other equipment failures on the machine causing the repaired item to stop working. 

We will offer in house repair credit or a refund in the amount less the time the unit was working after the initial repair was completed. For example: If a repaired AC Drive is sent back and the unit had been running for 3 months, the customer will have the option to get a refund for ¾ of the price of the repair or an in-house credit for that amount on the next repair. Again, this is only available to customers after the unit has been deemed not repairable by one of our technicians after it has been sent back in the 12 month warranty period. Only the repair cost is refundable, other amenities such as shipping, rush and service fees are non-refundable at the time of refund. All inbound and return shipping costs are the customers responsibility during the warranty period.