Hydraulic Valve Repair

Hydraulic valve on a work bench with diagnostics computer
Large Blue Hydraulic Value

Repair process

Hydraulic Proportional Valves are everywhere and a main part of production of manufacturing. Valves are used in robotic applications, CNC machines, conveyor belt systems, plastic mold injection machines, tube benders, saw mill industry, aircraft controls, space and defense, industrial controls. We are able to refurbish Hydraulic Proportional Valves by replacing broken seals, o-rings, springs, On-board electronics (OBE), etc. We are able to calibrate the refurbished valve back to factory specs, making sure the repaired unit has the correct PSI and test for leakage. Most common manufactures used in the automation industry is Moog, Bosch,  Rexroth, Vickers, Parker, Eaton hydraulic proportional valves. If you can’t wait on the OEM’s long lead time for an replacement, send Worldwide Industrial Solutions your broken hydraulic valve so we can repair it and minimize your down time.

Blue Bosch valve